About Us

Omega Pleasure was started in Columbus Ohio with the hopes of fulfilling the needs of people that wanted a good quantity product at a reasonable cost.

Hi, My name is Keith, the owner of Omega Pleasures and with the help of my wife, Shawna, we launched the perfect website to do just that. We know that buying an adult item is sometimes stressful and you worry about how you are going to get it without anyone knowing! That is why all packages are discreet so no one but you will know what is coming. How amazing is that? We want you to have the best experience while you search, shop and order. Then if you have any issues we will be here every step of the way! No worries, no stress! 

We want everyone to feel safe to shop and buy without the hassle of going to an actual store. We take pride in our business and want our customers to buy with confidence. That is why we have a money back guarantee.

If there are any issues let us know! We welcome feedback to make your experience the best it can be. Please email or chat with us!

Omega Pleasure.........Where we make your Fantasy a Reality!!